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How to make wonderful cheap costumes

22 Oct

With Halloween coming up it is important for us college students (and everyone else of course) to start thinking about our Halloween costumes.  We must ask ourselves these questions:  Will I go with something sexy or scary?  What are all my friends going as?  Will I be going to a themed party that I need a certain costume for?  Can I wear the same thing as last year?  How many people will notice if I do?  Will it be freezing out?  And most importantly how can I do this all with the insignificant amount of money that I have?

Smarty-pants and cat

Smarty-Pants and a Cat. Photo by Susan Myers

First, do NOT buy one of those crappy costumes at the Halloween Expresses of the world, the $50 costume is not worth it, not to mention that it is probably (at least for me) half of the amount of money you allow yourself for food each month.  While this might be good if you are trying to lose weight, I have some better ideas.


My roommates as a cat and a store-bought pirate. Photo by Susan Myers

Second, go to your closet.  Do you have black leggings and anything animal printed?  Instant animal costume.  Last year, I let my roommate borrow my cheeta print leggings, that and a black shirt with a headband with ears on it – ADORABLE CAT!

freshman smarty-pants

As smarty-pants, when I was a freshman in high school.  Photo by Sarah Hay.

For my own costume, I decided to repurpose an idea that I had used once before, this time making it a little more grown up.  I was smarty-pants.  I literally just attached smarties candy to my black leggings and threw on a white shirt with a tie that I borrowed from a neighbor and some plastic glasses that I had.  So clever! I looked so SMART!

80's chick

My Friend Kara, as an 80’s Chick (missing the sweater) and myself as Smarty-pants.

more 80's chicks

Another time as 80’s Chicks

For my friend’s costume, we decided to go with an 80’s girl.  She has crazy curly hair to begin with, so making it massive was easy.  I also have an absurd amount of blue eye shadow that we threw on her.  She wore some purple leggings, with a blue cami and this crazy sweater that I really liked when I got it but I really only break it out for 80’s wear now.  I’m sure that any oversized sweater and colored pants will do.  You can even throw on some of those great leg warmers that are in style right now and bam! – 80’S CHICK!


Greek Goddesses

For another event, I needed a costume and I decided to go with a greek goddess.  For this one, simply get out that strappy white dress that most people have, throw on some gold eye shadow or something else sparkly and from a craft store you can get gold rope and fake leaves.  I got ours from JoAnn Fabrics.  Throw on some heels or sandals and amazing – GREEK GODDESS.

This one can be altered so that if you have a white dress and put on some black eyeshadow, tie a black ribbon around your waist and wear black shoes – INSTANT GHOST!

Another thing that most girls have in their closet are the cowboy boots.  Simply get those out with the jean skirt that you bought a long time ago but never wear and put it on.  If you do not have a plaid flannel shirt, start looking around a week earlier and find some friend that is wearing one, ask them to borrow it.  (Cowboy hat is optional) – COWGIRL.

These are just a few of the costumes that I have made myself or have helped someone make, overall how much did it cost me?  Probably not more than a few dollars since I already had most of this stuff or I borrowed it from someone else.  That is exactly what you can do as well.

What kind of creative costumes can you guys come up with?





17 Oct

Cleaning has never been the challenge for me.  Keeping things clean and organized however is a different story.  I have tried so many different ways to keep things organized that it is crazy.  I still usually live a very messy lifestyle.

Living with roomies can be tricky in this way if you mess spills over into other shared places and spaces.  Something that I have started to do is to keep everything else except my room very clean.  I wipe down the counters and the stove each time that I use them.  I vacuum the carpet every other weekend (my roomie takes my off weekends), and then there is the bathroom.  I clean the counter and the mirror, I change the towels and the toilet paper.  I make sure there is plenty of soap and room spray but the thing that I forget every time is to get my hair out of the drain and pick the shower mat up out of the tub so that it doesn’t mold!


Speaking of mold nobody likes that, to clean everything I use one product – comet!  Comet cleans the hell out of everything!!  The toilet – comet, the sink – comet, the shower – comet, the metal shower heads and kitchen sink – comet, the floors – comet!  However, I have learned that this is an abrasive product and will scratch certain surfaces like a shower stall and a bathroom sink.  To save money from buying all those crazy expensive cleaning products, if I can’t use comet….I use vinegar!

baking sodaVinegar and baking soda are the most perfect combination to clean with although be careful when mixing the two, there could be some explosions!  I normally just wet the surface pour the baking soda on it then the vinegar and make a paste like substance.  From there I simply rub it in and clean whatever it is that is dirty.

Between the comet costing something like .60 cents and the vinegar and baking soda costing like $1.89 ($1 for the baking soda and .$89 for the vinegar) it really isn’t a huge strain on your wallet.  And you aren’t using so many harsh chemicals!

Let me know how you find new ways to clean effectively!

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