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What a pain in my bbb….books?

22 Jan

As college students we know what it is like to have to buy books, which can be terribly overpriced and extremely dry to read.  Here are some of my best tips for buying books and ones that I use every semester to save me hundreds of dollars:

Get a list of books for all your classes from the University Bookstore (including the ISBN number if listed) and then copy the ISBN number (or title if ISBN is not given) and paste it into these searches:

This is what I do first and then I compare the best price for each book to the university bookstore price to see how much I save, if it is cheaper to buy the book on any of these sites, do it!  Something that you want to watch out for is renting books. While this may seem like a great idea, I am NOT a big fan, if you can buy the book and for the same price or a dollar or two more, definitely do it, that way at the end of the semester when you go to sell them back you can at least make a few dollars (even though it will probably only be enough to buy a soft drink with…..) still better than nothing.

Next, go to the first day of class to actually see if you will need the book, professors will tell you this information right away and they will also mention if you need the exact same edition or not, in which case if you do not, I suggest buying older editions, while the page numbering may be slightly different, and there is one sentence that is changed in the whole book this is the much cheaper route.

If the professor says that you do no need the book, do not buy it!! You don’t want it just sitting around collecting dust if you never use it and who wants to buy something they never use? (If you lived in the tropics you wouldn’t buy a snowmobile).

The last strategy before shelling out all the dough is to look on social media sites such as Facebook for people or groups that are selling textbooks that you will be interested in.  This is the best option because students cannot or don’t want to sell their books back for really cheap when they can sell it to other students for more, however, it usually is not more than $20, which is more than any bookstore will give them and less than any bookstore will sell it to you for.  So its a win-win all around.

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