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23 Oct

coffeeOkay, I love coffee.  I love coffee so much. Coffee is my best friend.  But sometimes coffee is way to expensive.  When I was in high school I used to love Starbucks because it made me feel like one of the “cool kids,” when I was a freshman in college, my dorm was less than 50 feet away from a Starbucks.  Now I work on campus less than 100 feet from a different one!  On campus alone there are 4!

I started spending way to much money at Starbucks just to get a regular coffee without anything special.  I finally reached a breaking point when I ordered a grande white chocolate mocha frappuccino, which somehow cost me over $5.00!!  That was when I said enough is enough.

white castle coffeeI had been given a coffee maker when I graduated high school but never really used it much, well that all changed.  I bought myself a $4 reusable travel mug from Kroger (less than that one cup of sugary, whipped, milk stuff that they should just call a milkshake), and a bag of White Castle Coffee.  If you have never had White Castle Coffee, I would suggest it.  For a 3 pound bag it is right around $5 (about the same price as 1 Starbucks drink!).

If it is the sugar, milk and whipped cream that you crave then you should invest in some of that too.  You can buy cool-whip for $1 a tub and it keeps forever in the freezer.  I really like coffeemate in my coffee so I have some Sugar Free French Vanilla powder, it is about $2.

Now that we have all our ingredients let’s add it up.  Coffee is around $.10 (if a 3lbs bag of coffee is 5 dollars and there are 48 servings in each bag 48 divided by 5 is .10), the coffeemate is around $.10 and then the mug is $4 but the more that you use it the less it costs.


If I can make a cup of coffee for less than a quarter, why am I buying Starbucks???!!! Is it because I love their coffee?  No.  Kahlua coffee is by far the best that I have ever tasted, White Castle comes in a close second, then Maxwell House, Folgers, and 8 o’clock.  Is it because it is convenient?  Well sometimes that might be the case but if your coffee maker has a timer on it.  You can get it all ready before you even go to bed and then it can automatically make itself so that once you are ready in the morning so is your coffee.  Do I buy Starbucks because I am forced?  No.  The only reason that I can think of for buying it is that all my friends do it and I still want to be the “cool kid.”  Well that has all changed.  Starbucks will never again steal my money!

Now I challenge you to make your own coffee for a week and do not buy it from anywhere else.  If you feel like you like strong coffee do not put in 3 or 4 scoops of coffee, instead buy a darker roast that will be stronger flavored and you will not have to use as much saving you money.

Although this might not sound appetizingyou some of you my favorite drink that I make myself is Cuban roasted coffee, with 1 packet of sweet ‘n low and some lemon juice with a slice of lemon in it!  What are some of the speciality drinks that you like to make yourself?


Electric Saving tips

21 Oct

For the past two months it has been unseasonably warm here in the heart of Kentucky, which is great thing for people like me, trying to save money on their electric bill.

Since the beginning of September the weather has been perfect.  We turned our air off on the first day of September and have only turned it back on for one night the past two months and we are on the third floor of our three story building!


Here is what you can do to help cut down on your electric bill:

  • If the weather is nice enough open up the windows and keep them open until the days get too cold, if the nights are too cold then just shut most of the windows and leave a bathroom or a kitchen window open.
  • Instead of being connected all the time unplug appliances that are not in use, such as the coffee maker, the toaster, blender, quesadilla maker, margarita maker, computers, cell phone chargers, hair straighteners.  Whatever it is, if it has a plug and can be unplugged, unplug it while it’s not in use.
  • This is also a water saving tip, but take shorter showers or take showers in colder water.  Brush your teeth with cold water, wash your face with cold water (this will also help you wake up in the morning).  Still wash your hands with warm soap and water though to kill all the germs.
  • Make sure that all the light bulbs in your place are working, if there is a bulb that is out replace it right away.  Even though the bulb is not working it is still using energy each and every time that you have the light plugged in or turned on.
  • If you like to sleep with the lights or the TV on, set them so that they are on a timer and can go off automatically during the night once you are asleep.  Instead of using the overhead light invest in a night light or a night light and air freshener combo so that you get more for your money.
  • Do not run the dishwasher until it is completely full and nothing else can safely fit into it.  This is something that I struggle to convince my roommate to do.  She usually loads it to what I would consider 3/4 of the way full and then she runs it 😦
  • Make sure that the filter in your unit is functional and clean, if not this can slow down the efficiency of your unit and raise your bill!
  • Last but not least, charge all your appliances at work, such as your computer, tablet or phone, or at the library while you are there studying…but don’t steal the toilet paper!


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