Rain and Snow

14 Nov

So I have snow on the brain and here in Kentucky you never know what you are going to get.  I could be 70 degrees and sunny one day and then the next day it could be 30 degrees and snowing and then back up to 60 degrees on the third.  The weather patterns here are very unpredictable.  Just yesterday I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and today I am wearing boots, a coat, a scarf and gloves. Ugh Weather!

The one thing that we can count on this year is going to be the ice that is definitely going to happen.  I am not excited at all for this because I have a car and scraping ice off a car is extremely miserable.  There are a few things to remember this winter before you get stuck in the ice.  The first thing would be to make sure that you have at least two ice scrapers.  I have actually found that the short little ones work the best when scraping ice off but you have to be careful that you watch your paint.  The other thing that is important is to make sure that you have a good warm pair of crappy gloves that you don’t mind getting dirty and wet.  These are essential for scraping and making sure that your hands do not freeze.

The other thing that is  important is to make sure that you leave enough time to scrape your car in the morning.  If you just rush out and then notice your car, you will not make it to where you need to be in time.  This is a long process.  It helps if you can get your door open and then turn your car on and turn the defroster on and let it run like that for a few minutes before going back out to scrape.

The other thing is that here in Kentucky it likes to snow and then it likes to rain and then freeze so your whole car will turn into an ice ball.  This is not good at all for scraping.  My advice is that you scrape at least your drivers side door the first time that it ices and then after that just keep up with all the ice.


Now that it is snowing

13 Nov

Now that it is snowing there are something that I am starting to worry about and that is getting sick.  Yuck!  It happens every year that someone that I know or my roommates, classmates, colleagues, family and other random people that I come into contact with that are sick or will not wash their hands.  This is terrible because I get sick pretty easily.

nyquilLet me tell you a small story, when I was a freshman I lived in a 23 floored dorm with about 650 people living there as well.  They were old and extremely dirty and even worse my roommate did not have very good hygiene and the worst thing about it was that she did not wash her hands ever (like not even after using the restroom)! I developed Mono and then shortly after I developed a terrible staph infection that eventually went into impetigo and then on top of that I was not eating very healthy and I was getting colds all the time!

This was terrible, I was always having to buy Nyquil and Dayquil, vitamins and antibiotics as well.  The one thing that I did find was that when buying medicines was that whether you buy the brand name or the much cheaper off brand, generic they work the same and after some research on my part I found that there are laws that make sure that the generic and the brand name ones are the same.  This is beneficial for us college students because we are able to get the medicines that we need much cheaper, both from the pharmacy and over the counter.

So as this winter season starts here in the heart of Kentucky, make sure to stock up when there are sales on all the meds that you might need so you are prepared and ready to go when you need them.  Also, be sure to get a decent amount of sleep each night (like that is ever possible) and try to stay as healthy as possible!  Good luck out there!

Cold hands, cold feet, cold ears

12 Nov

There is one things that I feel most college students must have especially for the winter months – GLOVES!

leaves and snow

In between Fall and Winter – Snow and Leaves

It is very nice to have a good warm coat, scarves are stylish and boots are cute and exciting but the best thing in the winter to have is gloves.  They are so cheap and they keep your hands so warm.  I always feel that if your hands are cold then that just makes you feel more and more cold, the colder that your hands get.

Each year I lose my gloves and so I always have to get more.  The best place to get the cheapest knit gloves is Target which is awesome because they sell these gloves for $1 for a pair or sometimes when they have a sale you can buy a 3 or 4 pack for $1.  This is awesome because there are so many opportunities to get more gloves for less.

This morning I was very glad to have some gloves that I could wear because although it is fall and was about 60 degrees last night at like 8:30PM but when I woke up this morning there was snow on the ground.  I am going to be glad to have those gloves when I have to finish raking leaves this week.

Painted Wine Bottle Vases

7 Nov

Now that my birthday is over I have many  wine bottles since as of yesterday I received at least 4 wines!  I am planning on decorating them and using them for vases once I drink the wine.


There are things that can be done at home.  I am going to take them and cut the tops off (by using string soaked in nail polish, around the bottle and the heated with fire and dropped into a bucket of water), then I am going to paint them or write things on them with hot glue and then paint them.

Then you just bake them for a few hours to set the paint (or you can skip this step) and you have some nice free vases that are very lovely!

Student IDs are Actually Tickets to Fun

4 Nov

So over the weekend, the internet in my apartment was out, which is extremely difficult to post blogs without internet.  However, I did learn some good tips for saving the dinero though.

Every college gives out student ID cards.  That ID can get you a lot of things.  It can get you into exams, school sponsored events and into certain classes.  However, it can do so much more than that as well!

On Thursday night for Halloween, I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which reminded me of how cheap movies and theaters can be with that great student ID.  It is so wonderful to have that great tool.  Luckily I look extremely young for my age, and they just redid all the ID’s at UK so I received a new one and I can use it for 4 more years in order to get into the movies :).  There are some benefits to looking like a 14 year old.

Movies, you can get into movies for $6, which I hardly ever do, since I usually wait to see the movies until it goes into the cheapies and only costs like $1.50, but if you want to see something that is brand new the say it comes out then that is a good way to do so.


Basketball games, there is always a student section and if you have a student ID then any student ticket will work for you even after you graduate!  Here at UK the tickets are only $5.  Football games are the same you can go for $5.  Most of the other sports that aren’t so nationally popular, you can get into the games, matches, meets etc. for free.

Around Lexington, you can get into events, plays, operas, music concerts, sporting events, and theaters, for very reduced prices or for free.  You can even get discounts on restaurants and food places.  So far I have yet to find a grocery store that gives reduced prices for food, but almost all the different entertainment areas give some sort of student discount.  Check it out in your city!


Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

All That Extra Change

31 Oct


Happy Halloween Everyone!

I have a terrible habit of never using cash, just because it is so much easier to slide my card and not have to dig some bills out of my clutch and then make sure that I have the correct amount of change and then I have all this extra change with me.  What do I do with this extra change?

Well, when this happens to me I have a nice little jar that I like to store all my change in.  It once was a paper jar with a metal lid and held team but then I painted it with my handy dandy blue paint.  At one point i had saved like $15 dollars in change, that I then used but always save my quarters so that I had something to use in the parking meters.

This method of saving is definitely on the outs for me personally but it may work for you.  I still save the jar just incase I have some extra change but for the most part now it just has some pennies and every once in a while I add a little more to it.  However it does look pretty now!

Liquor Laws in Kentucky

30 Oct

IMAG0125In Kentucky and the rest of the United States there is this liquor law that says that people under the age of 21 cannot buy any type of alcohol.  Well for me this has always been so terrible, of course being in college this law is everyone’s most hated law.


Well for me that is all about to change 1 week from today when I will actually be legal and I will be allowed to buy alcohol and then I will also be able to drink it!  However, the downside to this is that it can be a very expensive hobby and activity.

I think that most people already know this but before you head out to a place where you might have to buy drinks, you should probably prepare yourself, those drinks are going to be super expensive, like $5-$8 or more for each drink!  That is a crazy amount of money for a small amount of liquor.

Here are some tips that I will be using next week to have fun and save money.

  • IMAG0867If you like beer, go to pint night with your friends, the beer is the cheapest on that night and you can try all the speciality beers.
  • If you only stick to wine, before you go out buy a bottle or two of wine and drink that first that way when you go out you will only need one or two glasses.
  • If you want to do shots, again with your friends before you go out, take some shots then once you are at the bar/party/rave/whatever you will already be feeling the effects and you will not need to drink so much (or spend so much) while you are out.
  • Most importantly if you are going to be going out buy alcohol with your friends, this will give you someone to have a good time with and it will also provide you with someone to split the cost of the alcohol with.
  • Also, only take cash with you and only take the amount of  money that you wish to spend while you are out.  Once you spend all the cash then you are cut off from that point.  You even get bonus points if you go out and have fun but you don’t spend all the money that you brought with you.


If you are going out for a night of drinking then you should always remember the safety tips as well.

  • Always have a ride home.
  • Never Drink and Drive
  • Don’t drink if you are underage (or just don’t get caught)
  • Always drink water between drinks


Free Volleyball

29 Oct

Other than school and work there has to be some other fun things in your life that you do to keep yourself entertained.  I like to play a lot of volleyball and I like to swim.  However, both of these activities can cost a lot of money, of which I do not have a lot of.


When thinking about the extra things that you want to do I would suggest picking and choosing very carefully, if you find yourself too wrapped up in different activities it can be hard to have fun at any of them and you might find yourself very broke.  To avoid this I like to pick things that I know are either free or cost very little.  The first thing that is nice about being on a college campus is that you should have access to your college’s rec center or gym.  There you should be able to find different activities to do that are already included in your tuition.  At my gym, there is a program that at different parts of the year they have different tournaments for different activities, such as basketball, flag football, soccer and other activities.  Once you get involved in one of those places it is easy to find more people and places with the same interests as you.

I did this and found some friends that both loved volleyball and swimming as well.  I then found churches that had open play and other venues that let you play for free or join leagues for little money.  This summer near me a volleyball center opened up where they have 2 indoor hard courts and 2 indoor sand courts and 4 outdoor sand courts.  It was amazing but then it started taking a huge toll on my wallet.  Each time you played it was $5 and for every league that you joined it was $40.  And then to top it all off, if you wanted to play more after your league game was over then you had to pay $5 more.  It was becoming so expensive!

Finally I took a step back and looked around more, which is when I discovered that there is a park very close by in a college neighborhood that has 2 outdoor hard and sand courts.  That is awesome!  However, the very best part about it was that it was free!

Being in college opens up alot of new opportunities to you as a student but it also helps broaden your old passions.  So instead of paying large amounts of money to play a sport that you love, look around a little bit and start getting involved in small groups that will lead to bigger and cheaper things!

In the end, having options to play at free venues even if it is just a few times a week instead of every night at the place with a cover charge, this will save you money!

I am totally a copycat!

28 Oct

If there is something that keeps me from the ranks for boredom, it would be crafting!  I love making things and whatever I find on the internet or come up with in my head I try to remake it.  Last night instead of writing a blog post for today I got way to absorbed in my crafting and it took over.

I decided to make envelopes out of old magazine pages, which is a very inexpensive craft, since I had the magazines already for a class that I needed them for.  Instead of throwing them away, I decided to make envelopes.  However, the even better part is that I decided to start selling them on Etsy in order to try my hand at making a little extra cash.   Since, I am not sure who will actually buy them I thought it would be a fun thing to try and if it doesn’t ever sell then I am only out $1.80 ($1.60 for the glue and $.20 for Etsy’s listing fee).


When I see things on Etsy and then I look at how expensive they are to buy I usually try to see if I can make it myself for much cheaper.  In most cases I can!  That is the best part!  For the most part you will probably be able to too!  The first thing that I saw was a key holder which I can only describe to you as a painted board with a mason jar and hooks attached.  It was listed as $30!  SO crazy.  I decided instead to buy a 2×4 at Home Depot (small confession here:  I didn’t realize that they would cut the board for you there so instead I bought a saw from Walmart and then sawed the board into 3 pieces and returned the saw….saved me 8 bucks but I still feel a little bad about it).  Then I painted it with a mix of two different colors of blue paint, sandpapered it some (for that antique look) and then used polyurethane on it.  To finish off the whole look I attached a mason jar my mom gave me and added some hooks.  This all cost me less than $15, half the price of the one and I made two of them!  It was $6 for the board, $1.88 for the paint, $3.50 for the poly and $3 for the hooks.

My apartment for some reason does not have closet doors even though it is supposed to and because of that I have a large number of curtains that I need to hold back.  I had some of those white command hooks from when I lived in the dorms and they were perfect for this crafting project.  I simply paintedthem with my beloved blue paint and added some flare.  Then I attached them to my walls sideways so that they hold the curtains back!  Perfect project and was basically free because I already had all the materials for this! Now I have a beautiful key and clutch holder with nice flowers as a decoration!

If you even think that you have a craft or a skill try your hand at it and if you like to do whatever it is that you do.  Try it out and then start selling the things (or giving them as presents – to my family for Christmas some of you might be getting key holders and envelopes!) to your friends and family members, on Ebay or Amazon and see if you can get a bite somewhere. Then you might just be able to quit your third job and still be able to save money!

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