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My Shopping Technique

25 Oct

I am what I would consider to be a shopaholic however, I am a very frugal shopaholic.  There are some steps that I take every time I get the shopping craze in order to protect myself from overdrawing my small bank account.

Here is how I do it:

When someone invites me to go to the mall with them, I immediately have to think of an excuse for why I can’t go.  They are usually things like “Oh I’d love to but I am in the middle of a huge project for school”, “the mall? ummmm maybe, can we go at 8:30?” (our mall closes at 9), “I am actually feeling really sick and tired”, “sorry I just laid down to take a nap” or if all else fails do not respond and after the mall closes then text them back – “OMG I’m sorry, my dumb phone must not have gotten this text until now.”

If you do get suckered into going, this is my second step, unless there is something that I NEED, I take all my credit cards out of my wallet and I don’t carry more than $10 bucks on me (if I am that lucky to have that much).  This basically prevents me from buying anything.  If you feel nervous about this, then just start out by leaving them in your car and then after that becomes comfortable leave them at home.

Step three – go shopping with someone that you can help pick clothes out with.  Tell them that you should try on some of the ugliest dresses in the store.  This brings moral down, that means that they will get discouraged that they do not look great in the ugly clothes (because they are ugly) and you can get out of there quickly before you go clean out the shoe rack (that is my weakness!)  If you use this step DO NOT let your friend buy any of those terrible clothes!

Step four – Pretend that you are getting really bored of shopping, because if you have no money or any way to buy anything you will be bored.  Then go do something fun, like go into a costume jewelry store and try on all the crazy stuff that they have in there.  It will make you feel more excited!  Claire’s is my personal favorite for this.

When I actually do go shopping for myself, I usually like to go by myself and I like to go to places like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Gabriel Brothers.  This is where I buy almost all of my clothes.  TJ Maxx is my very favorite store: they have so much name brand stuff for so cheap it is ridiculous!

I go to these places when I am in the mood to browse and to try on clothes.  I usually pick a bunch that will look cute on me but I pick them in the wrong size, either too small or too large that way I don’t really feel the love for them and I can have an easier time putting them back.

If I really do need something, I usually check out amazon and ebay for what I am looking for, especially if it is workout clothes.  Then I can compare prices and I always compare them to the same product sold by the actual brand so that I can see exactly how much I am saving.  Once I have found what I am looking for I wait.  Which is extremely hard for me to do.  I wait for two days.  If I cannot remember what it is that I was going to buy, then I do not buy anything, if it is something that I can remember but I feel “enhhh” about it, I don’t buy it.  I only buy things online if I cannot stop thinking about them for those two days and I really need them.

I probably spend at least 8 or 9 hours a week just browsing clothes and shoes on the internet.  What do you shop for the most when you go shopping?  What kinds of things do you use in order to save your money when you do go shopping?



19 Oct

For all you ladies out there that love jewelry but like myself, have no extra money to splurge on jewelry, here is what I do.

First I look at all my pieces that I already own.  I have a small selection of necklaces, bracelets, watches and earrings, most of which were from places like Gabriel Brothers or Charming Charlies, nothing more than $8, and then I think to myself ‘What is the current fashion trend?’ from there I take old things that used to be necklaces and re-purpose them as bracelets by wrapping long necklaces around and around so that they look like bangles.

Another thing that is important is that you can wear different necklaces with different outfits.  Mix an match pants with different shirts with different bracelets and necklaces.  If you are tyring to make a bold statement then simply wear a plain shirt and a crazy combination of colorful necklaces.  Don’t be afraid to double up or stack jewelry on top of more jewelry.

If you must buy more go immediately to Amazon.  This is where I do most of my jewelry shopping since I do not live near a Charming Charlies or a Gabriel Brothers.  Simply type in the style that you are looking for and then begin to look for cheaper pieces in the suggestions at the bottom of the page.

The other day I went on a rampage and ordered 8 different necklaces. . . ooopps. . . but I only spent $6.88.  How did I do this, you might ask?  I dug through the interwebs of Amazon until I found a store with a large selection of necklaces all under $1 and some came as a package deal where if you buy one, it came in a pack of two.  Very handy.  Amazon will basically do all the rest for you.  They will suggest stores that have the same type of jewelry for about the same price!  Always look for things with free shipping, these are the best since the price is exactly what you see.  No tricks and it is much cheaper!

Happy Shopping!

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