On the Tweeter or Twitter

1 Apr

TwitterI have a twitter, I have had one for many years now and every once in a while I will post a random thought.  But I do not use twitter, I really don’t tweet and any tweet that I might have on there probably came from either this blog or my Instagram or some other service that I have pushed the post to.

Let’s face it.  I just don’t understand.  I use Twitter to follow important games when I am not close to a TV or am just not that interested in the actual game or if some major drama is going on – such as a gmail fluke.  Other than that I feel like Twitter is mostly used for starting drama between celebrities and posts about things I don’t care about.

Overall, most of the internet is that way and I get sucked into site that just lead me from one article to the next and I end up spending so many hours on their site.  HuffPost Weird News section, is one of these, Imgur is another.  I could spend my entire day on those sites but Twitter, I can’t spend more than 5 minutes on there.

I follow all kinds of people on Twitter and all kinds of people follow me, but I have nothing to say and nothing to share with this strange group of anonymous followers.  With the ability to look up everyone’s first tweet, that I heard about a few weeks ago I really started thinking, why do I care about any of this?  The answer is that I don’t.  I am on Twitter because it was the “cool” thing to do at one point and here I am, being “cool.”


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