Random Bank Interest Charges

31 Mar

Recently, I have been watching my credit card statement more closely as I have had weird random “interest charges” that will show up on my account.  The funny thing about this is that fact that when I asked about one charge I had like that the lady at the bank just brushed it off and said that it was a charger from the time that I got my statement until the time that they received my payment that I had been charged.

Balancing The Account By HandThis was not something that could be even remotely true since I do all my banking online and I simply transfer money from my checking account to my credit card, since they are through the same institution.  Then, she said it was nothing to worry about and asked if I would like her to clear that up.  I said yes, thinking that she was going to make the charge go away but later when I checked my account, I noticed that she had just transfer the $1, I had been charged from my checking to my credit card!

I have been watching for these and you should too, if you pay your credit card off each time you put a charge on it or if you have debt but you make your payments each month and you start seeing new charges that pop up, ask about them.  Clear them up immediately and make sure that you don’t get duped into someone just “taking care of that” for you with your money.


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