Student IDs are Actually Tickets to Fun

4 Nov

So over the weekend, the internet in my apartment was out, which is extremely difficult to post blogs without internet.  However, I did learn some good tips for saving the dinero though.

Every college gives out student ID cards.  That ID can get you a lot of things.  It can get you into exams, school sponsored events and into certain classes.  However, it can do so much more than that as well!

On Thursday night for Halloween, I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which reminded me of how cheap movies and theaters can be with that great student ID.  It is so wonderful to have that great tool.  Luckily I look extremely young for my age, and they just redid all the ID’s at UK so I received a new one and I can use it for 4 more years in order to get into the movies :).  There are some benefits to looking like a 14 year old.

Movies, you can get into movies for $6, which I hardly ever do, since I usually wait to see the movies until it goes into the cheapies and only costs like $1.50, but if you want to see something that is brand new the say it comes out then that is a good way to do so.


Basketball games, there is always a student section and if you have a student ID then any student ticket will work for you even after you graduate!  Here at UK the tickets are only $5.  Football games are the same you can go for $5.  Most of the other sports that aren’t so nationally popular, you can get into the games, matches, meets etc. for free.

Around Lexington, you can get into events, plays, operas, music concerts, sporting events, and theaters, for very reduced prices or for free.  You can even get discounts on restaurants and food places.  So far I have yet to find a grocery store that gives reduced prices for food, but almost all the different entertainment areas give some sort of student discount.  Check it out in your city!


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