All That Extra Change

31 Oct


Happy Halloween Everyone!

I have a terrible habit of never using cash, just because it is so much easier to slide my card and not have to dig some bills out of my clutch and then make sure that I have the correct amount of change and then I have all this extra change with me.  What do I do with this extra change?

Well, when this happens to me I have a nice little jar that I like to store all my change in.  It once was a paper jar with a metal lid and held team but then I painted it with my handy dandy blue paint.  At one point i had saved like $15 dollars in change, that I then used but always save my quarters so that I had something to use in the parking meters.

This method of saving is definitely on the outs for me personally but it may work for you.  I still save the jar just incase I have some extra change but for the most part now it just has some pennies and every once in a while I add a little more to it.  However it does look pretty now!


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