Liquor Laws in Kentucky

30 Oct

IMAG0125In Kentucky and the rest of the United States there is this liquor law that says that people under the age of 21 cannot buy any type of alcohol.  Well for me this has always been so terrible, of course being in college this law is everyone’s most hated law.


Well for me that is all about to change 1 week from today when I will actually be legal and I will be allowed to buy alcohol and then I will also be able to drink it!  However, the downside to this is that it can be a very expensive hobby and activity.

I think that most people already know this but before you head out to a place where you might have to buy drinks, you should probably prepare yourself, those drinks are going to be super expensive, like $5-$8 or more for each drink!  That is a crazy amount of money for a small amount of liquor.

Here are some tips that I will be using next week to have fun and save money.

  • IMAG0867If you like beer, go to pint night with your friends, the beer is the cheapest on that night and you can try all the speciality beers.
  • If you only stick to wine, before you go out buy a bottle or two of wine and drink that first that way when you go out you will only need one or two glasses.
  • If you want to do shots, again with your friends before you go out, take some shots then once you are at the bar/party/rave/whatever you will already be feeling the effects and you will not need to drink so much (or spend so much) while you are out.
  • Most importantly if you are going to be going out buy alcohol with your friends, this will give you someone to have a good time with and it will also provide you with someone to split the cost of the alcohol with.
  • Also, only take cash with you and only take the amount of  money that you wish to spend while you are out.  Once you spend all the cash then you are cut off from that point.  You even get bonus points if you go out and have fun but you don’t spend all the money that you brought with you.


If you are going out for a night of drinking then you should always remember the safety tips as well.

  • Always have a ride home.
  • Never Drink and Drive
  • Don’t drink if you are underage (or just don’t get caught)
  • Always drink water between drinks



4 Responses to “Liquor Laws in Kentucky”

  1. Max Payne October 30, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

    Buy some concentrated form of your favorite fruit juice and add the proper amount of water, add two cups of sugar per gallon, warm to 90 degrees and add some bread yeast (buy yeast from a local brewery for a better taste). Pour it in a sanitized bottle and screw on the cap LOSELY so air can get out but not easily in. (too tight and it will blow up) Store it in a dark closet at 75 degrees, wait two weeks and viola, 10% alcohol easy. It should taste alright as long as everything is sanitized. Add more or less sugar to taste. Legal too, it’s the drinking it that is murky.

    • nicolesand October 31, 2013 at 12:59 am #

      Hey Max, While I will not admit to ever trying any of the stuff made like this until next week, that is a way to make your own, however, I am not big on delayed gratification and I like to switch up the drinks that I make. Plus, you can’t take that stuff into a bar either. Thanks for the tip though!

  2. NANCY October 31, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

    Nicole, a bottle of two of wine might be excessive even for a seasoned of age-er! And that is to just get started? Try this perspective: a drink or two an evening out- learning to savor a delicious drink and enjoy the company of friends out with you for the evening. Then no regrets!

    • nicolesand October 31, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

      Hi Nancy, I was talking about a bottle or two to split between friends. Life of the college student! Ohh to be young and wild!

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