I am totally a copycat!

28 Oct

If there is something that keeps me from the ranks for boredom, it would be crafting!  I love making things and whatever I find on the internet or come up with in my head I try to remake it.  Last night instead of writing a blog post for today I got way to absorbed in my crafting and it took over.

I decided to make envelopes out of old magazine pages, which is a very inexpensive craft, since I had the magazines already for a class that I needed them for.  Instead of throwing them away, I decided to make envelopes.  However, the even better part is that I decided to start selling them on Etsy in order to try my hand at making a little extra cash.   Since, I am not sure who will actually buy them I thought it would be a fun thing to try and if it doesn’t ever sell then I am only out $1.80 ($1.60 for the glue and $.20 for Etsy’s listing fee).


When I see things on Etsy and then I look at how expensive they are to buy I usually try to see if I can make it myself for much cheaper.  In most cases I can!  That is the best part!  For the most part you will probably be able to too!  The first thing that I saw was a key holder which I can only describe to you as a painted board with a mason jar and hooks attached.  It was listed as $30!  SO crazy.  I decided instead to buy a 2×4 at Home Depot (small confession here:  I didn’t realize that they would cut the board for you there so instead I bought a saw from Walmart and then sawed the board into 3 pieces and returned the saw….saved me 8 bucks but I still feel a little bad about it).  Then I painted it with a mix of two different colors of blue paint, sandpapered it some (for that antique look) and then used polyurethane on it.  To finish off the whole look I attached a mason jar my mom gave me and added some hooks.  This all cost me less than $15, half the price of the one and I made two of them!  It was $6 for the board, $1.88 for the paint, $3.50 for the poly and $3 for the hooks.

My apartment for some reason does not have closet doors even though it is supposed to and because of that I have a large number of curtains that I need to hold back.  I had some of those white command hooks from when I lived in the dorms and they were perfect for this crafting project.  I simply paintedthem with my beloved blue paint and added some flare.  Then I attached them to my walls sideways so that they hold the curtains back!  Perfect project and was basically free because I already had all the materials for this! Now I have a beautiful key and clutch holder with nice flowers as a decoration!

If you even think that you have a craft or a skill try your hand at it and if you like to do whatever it is that you do.  Try it out and then start selling the things (or giving them as presents – to my family for Christmas some of you might be getting key holders and envelopes!) to your friends and family members, on Ebay or Amazon and see if you can get a bite somewhere. Then you might just be able to quit your third job and still be able to save money!


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