20 Oct

As summer begins to turn into fall there are many things that I love, the falling leave the beautiful, warm October sunshine, but there is nothing that I like better than fall flowers.  The colors are just wonderful!

I am not ashamed to admit it but I buy flowers for myself ALL the time! And no it is not because I am lonely, I love flowers and they make a nice addition to brighten up our small apartment.  However, you may be wondering…how does this frugal chick have money to be spending on flowers – for herself no less?!

This is how I do it.  The Kroger right downs the street from me has a small floral desk in the front of the store, but since this Kroger is probably 90% college students they usually are not spending to much money on flowers, this means that there is usually beautiful cut flowers that are not sold and are beginning to turn less than perfect.  When this happens they go on clearance! YAY!!

I can buy a dozen roses for $4 or some lovely other cut flowers for less than $2 and they really do brighten up a room.  I have told my roomie about this trick as well and yesterday she bought some wonder fall roses for our living room.  When thinking about budgeting I skip out on the third pack of cheese and this is what I get instead.  Definitely worth the small sacrifice.

Just cut the dead or browning leaves off of the stems, put the flowers into some water and enjoy a few days of fresh flowers and you don’t even have to blow your budget!

What do you do around the house to make it more lively and fun?  Let me know in the comments below!


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