15 Oct

Something that I have learned while in college is that if you are going to pay for tuition, food, housing, gas, and other activities that you first need at least one job (at one point I was working 3 but one will suffice) and you need a budget.

My freshman year I had the best budget ever.  I had $300 dollars in cash and although I had a debit and credit card I was too afraid to use them.  Instead, I saved the $300 and only used it when was absolutely necessary.  Since I had a meal plan and my car had to be parked so far away from my dorm (parking is not so great in Lexington) I hardly left campus to go grocery shopping or out to eat.

However, as I moved through college I moved to an apartment where suddenly I had so many more expenses, such as monthly rent and money for the bus as well as groceries.

Finally I can up with this budget model that I think every college student could use substituting or adding the things that they need in order to make it or at least break even – notice that I did not say want, I said NEED, this is important.  There are many things I want but these are the things that I NEED and can afford.


Car maintenance
Eating Out/Snacks

Job #1
Job #2
Extra Money (side projects)

Budget Model


The other tool to help you stay on track is to plan out where every dollar is going to go before you even get the money.  Then once you use the allotted amount for a certain category mark it so that you know that you have no more money to spend on that category.

I am not perfect and so I also keep track of each month separately.  The red is the amount of money that I went over the category and not every category applies each month (such as medicine and car maintenance).Monthly Budget PlanComment if you have other creative ideas on how to budget.  This is how I do it now but I always want to learn new ideas!



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