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The Dorms

29 Jul
Dorm Room

This was my dorm room when I first moved in, as you can see very tiny but not completely unbearable.

During my first year at UK, I lived in the dorms.  Specifically, Kirwan Tower, which would have been all fun and games except for the problem of the terrible roommate that I had.  However, if you also find yourself in this situation then I would suggest that you talk to your  RA and your hall director to see if you could switch to a different room or different dorm, with a more positive roommate.  You should at least give the roomie a couple of months to try and reach out to get to know him or her, unless there are up-front obvious problems.  At the end of the first semester, if things still are not working out the it is definitely time for a change.  Do not stoop to passive agressive fighting, such as eating his or her food, taking the remote for the TV when you leave, or locking your roomie out while they are brushing their teeth.

Another thing that I quickly learned about the dorms, if there are people that you are not so comfortable hanging out with on your floor, or people that do not have the same moral values as you, then simply be as nice to them as you can but hang out with different people, there is always that random girl in your chemistry class that smiles but doesn’t say much, or the boy in your communications class that you offered the seat next to you on the first day when he arrived late and flustered.  Also, if none of the people in your classes seem to be of interest to you then instead join a club or a team that seems to fit more to your own personal style.  Just because you don’t live within 20 feet of them doesn’t mean that they can’t end up being your best friend.

Wash Your Hands!!The last thing about the dorms that I know I was most scared before I moved in, was the community bathrooms.  Now normally for me this wasn’t a huge problem during the week, but BE CAREFUL on Saturday and Sunday mornings before you plop down on that toilet seat, someone just might have spent the night before slightly under the weather (if you know what I mean ;)).  The most traumatic thing that ever happened in my community bathroom which consisted of 4 toilets, 4 showers, 8 sinks and two doors (that I shared with 24 other girls), was that someone as a prank took an entire toilet off the wall and laid it on the floor!!  I am not even joking about this, we had to spend the next month running through the stairwell (sometimes in just a towel or bathrobe) down the the floor below us to wash our hands, use the bathroom and to shower (yikes!), but it all turned out okay and I wasn’t scarred to badly.

Being in the dorms can be hard on your immune system, especially if you become accustomed to eating and drinking after people.  Make sure to wash your hands frequently and every time after your use the bathroom, because you never know if the person that just touched the door in front of you did.  Keep your things clean and do not let mold build up on anything.  And most importantly if you feel yourself starting to get sick go and visit the student clinic (which is included in your full-time student tuition at UK)!

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